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This page is dedicated to local businesses; national and independent who sell Fairtrade products or use Fairtrade ingredients.

You can purchase Fairtrade Coffee at House of Coffee (4).png

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House of coffee, leighton buzzard logo

House of Coffee

Supplies Leighton-Linslade with the finest coffee known to humanity


Serves Leighton-Linslade with some of the finest coffee in town from the

House of Coffee

Cittadina Leighton Buzzard Logo
Suflower representing Nature's Harvest Leighton Buzzard

Nature Harvest

An independent health food shop, stocks a selection of Fairtrade products including craft items.

Get a Lotta Bottle

Did you know The Bottle House in Leighton Buzzard sells Karma Cola, which is cola, really nice, and Fairtrade? No? Well, why would you...

Long story short, it does. Go there. Buy Karma Cola. Maybe also beer.

Image of the inside of The Bottle House in Leighton Buzzard
Inside of house of coffee, staff refilling a coffee container with fresh coffee
Image of the inside of House of Coffee in Leighton Buzzard

In Da House

Once again the House of Coffee are a winner. They sell the best coffee ever, and have just introduced a new addition to their Fairtrade range from Peru.

This is seriously good coffee which will melt all your problems away. Perhaps. Definitely worth trying.

Seen the new EU Market shop in North Street? You can buy these Mignon Hazelnut biscuits there.


Fairtrade, of course. Otherwise why would we even mention it?

mignon hazelnut.JPG
Stratton Coffee.jpg

Have a Butchers...

In Strattons Food Hall in North Street where you can get Fairtrade coffee from their gurgolator thing.


Well done, Strattons!

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International (9).png
International (11).png


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