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Things that have happened recently. Ish.


Fairtrade Fortnight

Well, it all happened on 11th March in Trinity Methodist Church. We actually were packed most of the time, and most of the cake got eaten. Thanks for that.

Pictures of the event on the banner below.

 A big thanks to the mayor, Cllr Farzana Kharawala, for coming. Also Cllr Victoria Harvey (maybe others, I don't know, get in touch). And to everyone else for making it worthwhile.

What did we learn? That Fairtrade cake is good enough for Bake Off.

FTF 2023.JPG

Totes Great

You can get these wonderful tote bags at Mimic Gifts, They're the new shop in North Street.

Of course they're Fairtrade, and they're also so well designed that if you don't pop down and get one very soon, they might be sold out, and then only the cool people will have them.

Bags 1.JPG


A Book, A Play, A Coffee?

At the Library Theatre you can now get all three. The coffee is Fairtrade. But you already new that because we wouldn't mention it otherwise.

Library Theatre.jpg

We were at the Canal Festival!

Did you like our new gazebo?

Never mind that! We're saving humanity here.

A big thanks to everyone who came and had some free chocolate from us.

Canal 2023.jpg
chocolate tasting.jfif

Free chocolate?

If you passed Oxfam on Saturday 28th October you probably got given chocolate.

I'd say "We hope you enjoyed it", but it was Tony's and it was free, so no chance of any other outcome. 

Chocolate Week 2023.jpg

Christmas Tree Festival 2023

Were you there? If so you probably walk around with a smile, a smell of cinnamon and a general aura of peace and goodwill to all, even the mean people.

We were there, and as always stole the show.

Well, not literally stole the show, although do get in touch if you want to buy a very large lot of second hand trees.

Xmas tree f 2023.jpg
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