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The Best News Ever

The new supermarket league table is now out! Use the navigation thingummy whatsit or

Product of the month for April (2024)

Squeezy chocolate- great for ice cream, cake and porridge. (Don't tell a bear that, though. They're touchy about their porridge.) Seen in Tesco, seen in Waitrose.  Where else can you get it? We'll update as developments dictate.

Canal Festival 2024

We'll be there. Or should I say, Wheel be there. The Wheel of Fortune. We do it every year.

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Greggs arrives!


Greggs is this tremendous company that has taken over the UK's high streets with its delicious coffee, caramel shortbread and chocolate muffins. But did you know that all those and more are Fairtrade?


And did you know that Leighton-Linslade now has a Greggs? 

A huge welcome to Gregg, and his store.

For everything that is FT at Greggs, hit the button:


You made, it then!

Welcome to our new website!

A massive thanks to Jamontoast and Just Computers for supporting us in getting this website set up. These are really good people who have been so good to a small local charity like ours. These people would do a proper job for you at a fair price. So get in touch with them. 


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