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Now we're on local radio- Leighton Buzz radio.. The interview can be found on their catchup. 

Some things can't be unheard.

We like ice cream

Forget the Rio Carnival. Forget the Notting Hill Carnival, or even Luton Carnival. The best Carnival in the world is the Leighton Buzzard Carnival. There must have been dozens of people at it, including this van:

So if you see this van, buy some FT ice cream. What agony it is doing the right thing.

Feeling in need of cake?

Then pop down to Waitrose, buy some of these Fairtrade ingredients, and get baking! 

Alternatively, lie on your back and pour the contents of these directly in your mouth. Then you won't need to wait for cake to cool.

Right bright light sight delight

We were so pleased to see our status advertised in bright lights on the sign.

The one in the foreground, not the blue one. That's simply a reminder that we don't like people trying to leave the town.

Fancy a jam sandwich?

Then you'll be heading off to the new Marks and Spencers food store and buying their jam or marmalade. Is marmalade really just jam refusing to acknowledge its heritage? Best answer wins a prize. Maybe. 

Don't all rush there at once to get the marmalade, or we'll have a traffic jam.

Fairtrade fortnight 2019

We gave away a load of chocolate to the good people of Leighton-Linslade. Waitrose were the very, very kind supermarket who gave us a pile of choc and the space to give it away.

The lady seems totally unfazed by being given a stuffed bee and being asked to pose for the camera.

Fairtrade Fortnite Update

Well, it happened. The Fairtrade Cake and Biscuits Bring and Buy Coffee Morning at Trinity Methodist Church on 9th March.

I mean life doesn't get any more extreme. Asbestos overcoats were the order of the day! If you're going to get involved in this sort of borderline legal behaviour, be aware- don't bring a flan to a cake fight.

Random picture

Because you can never have too much giant plastic fruit.

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