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Fairtrade product of the month


Product of the month is a by now over-familiar feature to those of you who check in daily. This highlights a product available to buy in Leighton-Linslade. For May it's ice cream. This is available at Waitrose, Tesco, Morrisons and Co-op.


And, yes, May's POTM is very late. That's your fault for not reminding me. Get your act together.


This is Fickle enjoying some yummy Fairtrade ice cream.


By the way, I'm not keeping a list of what we've done, and if I repeat one, I don 't care.


The complete list is here (correct July 2016):


Fairtrade Fortnight 2017

Some pictures from what we've been doing:



 This is the wonderful Katharine from Morrisons, who gave us many platefuls of Morrisons Finest chocolate to give away to you, the general public. This chocolate is boyfriend break-up pain soother quality, it's that good. And it's Fairtrade.


 Nature's Harvest have got a wonderful display in their window:



The inflatable banana isn't for eating, but is apeeling.




There is a connection to Fairtrade. Really.


Apparently we visited a Pilates class and gave out Divine chocolate.


Did you know Central Catering at Central Bedfordshire College, Dunstable support Fairtrade? Well, they do.


So don't go somewhere that serves roast lamb and deconstructed digestive biscuit sandwiches in a hollowed out garden gnome; or somewhere with Ramsay standing in the background swearing. Go to Central Catering.


Here's some pictures of Shanay, Dean and Mallick.






We got renewed!


A letter's just arrived telling us we've renewed our Fairtrade status. More details here.


The certificate will arrive soon. Just be patient. It will come.



Even More Importantly


We have an updated FAQ section!


(No-one was asking the questions in the old one.)


Click on the "FAQ" tab for details.


 How We Got Here


 On 20th January 2006, in front of an enthusiastic audience (mostly), Director of the Fairtrade Foundation, Harriet Lamb, presented Town Mayor Councillor Mark Freeman with a certificate conferring Fairtrade Town status on Leighton-Linslade.

We are Bedfordshire's first Fairtrade Town!
In order to qualify for Fair Trade Town status, we had to complete five separate goals. These are explained
HERE on this website, and other sections will tell you how we continue to satisfy them.

If you feel inspired to get involved with our organisation, or can help in any way, we would be delighted to hear from you- see the relevant section. If not, but would like to support Fair Trade in other ways, the same section has ideas. These are for the home, workplace, where you shop…

We also have a section detailing why buying Fair Trade matters, another with useful links, and a random section for news. It could be a recipe, a newsletter, or the steering committee singing the Banana Song.


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Church Riverside Beavers

They had a visit from a giant Fairtrade banana who taught them all about banana farmers, including a 'bonkers or bananas' game all about our favourite yellow fruit!


(Competition time- how many yellow fruits can you name. Don't bother entering as there's no prize.)




I guess now we have beavers by the riverside, a dam will get built.


Well done to Barista!


The sign says it all:


According to research, if you drink the coffee at Barista, and make a wish, it actually comes true 85.2% of the time. So get down there!


Tomatoes, or is it Tomatos  ?


A big well done to Tesco for selling these Fairtrade beauties. Now let's get down there, armed with pasta sauce recipes, and get buying.





Who won the Morrisons hamper all stuffed with yummsy goodies?


The winners of the selfie competition are the Pilates class (see opposite for details).


And here's a picture of the winners, just to prove we didn't just steal the hamper:



And the junior winner was Taylor Lapworth of TACTIC




Well done for your coffee, Morrisons!


Whether you drink your coffee in the Cafeteria, the petrol station or the indoor machine, Morrisons do Fairtrade. We like Morrisons, especially as they helped us this Fairtrade Fortnight.


Here's a picture, in case you don't believe us:



What else did you do for Fairtrade Fortnight?

Well, since you ask, I'll tell you.


We're did a couple of of youth talks. Sick*.

Also some church events, some school talks, and something unknowable at Data Harvest, who we like.


Plus the main event at Morrisons on Saturday 4th March.


*Apparently 'sick' means good, as you'll know if you're under a certain age. Except in certain contexts, where it just means 'sick'. It can get confusing, as in "Jon was sick- it was sick".



Trinity Cubs


We popped in to do a workshop with them about Fairtrade.


They explored where our food comes from around the world and learnt about the journey of a fairtrade banana through a story of Pablo the Super-banana!



Trinity cubs playing "Where's Pablo the Super-banana?"



 Is it Fairtrade?


Over 2,000 products now carry the Fairtrade mark which is your independent guarantee that the product really does make a difference to some of the poorest farmers in the world.



We're going for 4000 hits now.

A bit like Justin Bieber.








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